Pressure Washing and Treatment


‘Somebody’s got to do it!’

Equipped with professional extension wands, rotary surface cleaners, and everything in between, we’re ready for your toughest pressure washing jobs.

Water and pressure alone sometimes just doesn’t cut it, so we also use environmentally friendly solutions to kill tough mold, algae and moss. As a result, you get a brighter and longer lasting clean.

Thinking of painting your home or building?

Consider our mold treatment, to prevent regrowth and save yourself from costly repairs later.

Any surface cleaning, any time:

  • Decks of all types
  • Pathways and rock walls
  • Driveways (interlock, pavement, concrete etc)
  • Paving stone re-sanding
  • Gutter exteriors and siding
  • House/building treatment
  • Mold, algae and moss control
  • Fences and gates
  • Pre-paint treatment
  • Out door furniture and recreation equipment

Along with our pressure washing and moss treatment, we offer other services in our partnership program:

  • Re-sanding of Interlock
  • Sealing of Concrete
  • Fence and Patio Painting
  • Reseal Asphalt

Ask us about these are great options to consider for preventative maintenance later on down the road.

Things you didn’t even know were dirty come out sparkling clean and looking like new!

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Pressure Washing MacNab Exterior Cleaning